Customized solutions, tailored for your organization

Our solutions are designed to help your business overcome its most pressing payments challenges and can be customized to meet your needs. And our entire team of seasoned professionals is always standing by to support you. Here is the current slate of our innovative solutions:

Smart Returns: Dramatically increase collection rates on items returned for non-sufficient or uncollected funds.

ACH Origination: Load transactions in the form of NACHA-formatted files, excel or delimited files, with the ability to deposit funds to multiple targeted accounts.

Check Verification: Significantly reduce your risk of payment fraud by using the most current and accurate data available to identify potentially fraudulent checks and payments.

Check Guarantee: We can process all of your payments or returns and make sure that your company gets 100% face value of a check.

Online Payment Processing: An online gateway that offers numerous ways for customers to easily submit online payments.

Merchant Services: Build and expand your business through a full suite of cost-effective merchant solutions.

Lockbox Services: We’ll provide fast, efficient and cost-effective processing and depositing of all your customers’ mailed payments.

Unity Portal: A single cloud-based sign-on portal to access all Unity solutions.

Remote Deposit Capture: Scan checks and make electronic deposits 24/7 at your place of business, without needing to make a visit to the bank to deposit the original paper check.


Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP): Submit bills to your customers in a completely secure email format, and track when they view and pay their invoices.

Integrated Payables and Receivables: Interface your business’ accounts payables and receivable data to Unity FI Solutions, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll enable you to manage your cash flow and refocus on what matters most: your business and your customers.

Print and Mail Services: Partner with Unity FI Solutions to help your business with printing and mailing of all of your outgoing print items.

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