Our Mission

At Unity FI Solutions, our mission is to provide uniquely tailored payment solutions and online services that strategically advance our clients’ business goals and are delivered by a creative, nimble and customer-focused team of technology professionals.

Executive Team

Dan Miller

Principal & Co-Founder

What do you think sets Unity FI Solutions apart from its competition?

Our focus has been on both client solution and problem resolution from the beginning. In most every case, our competitors provide software solutions that may resolve 80% of the market issues, but don’t focus in on specific client issues. Our solutions are tailored for each client’s specific needs. There is no “one size fits all.” Also, our client service doesn’t stop at implementation. We make sure the client continues to have a seamless experience with Unity FI Solutions even after they implement our solutions.

Why was Unity FI Solutions founded?

The most basic reason was that we believed we could do better than others in the industry segment. Not because we were smarter, but because we listen better and are intentional about meeting a client’s specific need. Most providers want to deliver what they already have and don’t listen to what is actually needed by the client. We saw this gap in the market and wanted to do something about it. We also noticed that there was very little post-sale customer service provided by similar companies. Steve and I wanted to build a business that partnered with and served its clients throughout their engagement with us, not just during the sale cycle.

What is the greatest skill or area of expertise that you bring to UFI?

Although I have a very deep understanding of the payments industry, I would actually say that listening and understanding are my greatest assets. When I first meet with a client, I don’t even think about the sale; I just focus on listening to what they need, getting down into the weeds of their issue, and then seeing what resolution Unity FI Solutions can provide.


Steve Contino

Principal & Co-Founder

Why was Unity FI Solutions founded?

I have always wanted to own and run my own business. I started my career in public accounting at WithumSmith+Brown, and, although I enjoyed the work, I didn’t have an interest in becoming a partner. So, I decided to use what I learned in the accounting world in something I was more passionate about. I met Dan Miller while working for Bank of America as the Controller for the Real Estate Capital Markets trading desk. It turned out that he had the same entrepreneurial desire as me, so we decided to work together. We looked at the market and saw a very strong need for ACH processing for small businesses, and as we began developing solutions to address these issues, we quickly saw that this need spanned numerous industries and a range of company sizes. So together we founded Unity FI Solutions with the goal of creating an agile, innovative technology firm that would provide unparalleled payment solutions and customer service to its clients, while also maintaining the highest level of respect for its employees.

What do you think clients appreciate most when they start working with Unity FI Solutions?

I think it’s our exceptional customer service and the realization that we genuinely care about our clients. We don’t just pretend to care during the sales pitch, and then hang them out to dry. They receive the same level of attention throughout their entire partnership with our team.

What is the one thing, professionally, about you that potential clients should know?

Our clients should know that we view them as partners, not just customers. I take pride in the success of Unity FI Solutions, but I take even more pride in making our clients successful. As a client’s business partner, our goal is longevity. We want to work with clients for years and grow together. I think we do a great job of this. That’s why we still have clients that have been with us as long as we’ve been in business.